July 27, 2006

No skinny jeans for me

Okay, it has finally happened. I mean I knew it was going to, but already? Something that I (and countless others) wore during my teenage years (mid 80's) is now back in style. The all new, super sleek, must haves.......the "Skinny Jeans." Skinny jeans? Come on, I thought that's what you called the pants you could no longer squeeze into.

When my friends and I wore them we had to actually make them. Yep, sew them ourselves. We took our regular Lee jeans and "pegged" them. We would sew a seam from the crotch to the ankle making them as "skinny" as possible. Sometimes we goofed and made them a little too skinny and our foot would barely fit through the bottom of them. But, none the less, we thought we looked super cool.

I'm just shocked that it only took 20 years for them to come back in style. I don't feel that old! It literally seems like days ago that my neighbor and I were huddled around her mom's sewing machine stitching away. You can be certain that I won't be going any where near that rack of jeans now. No way, no how! I've served my time in them and am more than happy to pass the torch. Now I'm just wondering when big hair and feathered bangs are coming back!


  1. Amen sista! I am right here with ya! No way Jose!

  2. I am so hopelessly behind on the times that I didn't even realize these were coming back. I had some that had zippered ankles, in fact I kept one pair because I am weird that way and they were, like, my only pair of jeans sophomore year because I blew my back to school money on them and one shirt. Must have worn that outfit 3 days a week but I thought I was cool. I doubt they have the same effect on size 10 as they do size 2, so none for me either. But if the drop shift dresses come back, I'll be ready, still have all those.

  3. Have you seen the leggings in the stores and magazines? Those are coming back too--YUCK!! I'll go for gauchos, but never leggings. Who has the body to wear those? Not anyone who has had a baby, that's for sure!


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