July 25, 2006

The "Why" Post

  • Why do socks disappear in the dryer?
  • Why do my boys love to bicker?
  • Why do adults find it so hard to say "I'm sorry?"
  • Why isn't my boy's idea of "clean" the same as mine?
  • Why does the school year fly by now that I'm a mom?
  • Why is my 5 year old concerned about looking "cool?"
  • Why did my love for carousel horses fade?
  • Why is pink my favorite color?
  • Why is my husband such a clean freak only when it comes to his car?
  • Why am I such an organizational nut?
  • Why do street lights tend to go out after I drive past them?
  • Why has my love for chinese food now faded?
  • Why haven't I ever see the "nobody" that lives with us since the boys blame him for everything?


  1. Oh please Shane if you find the answers to these questions, send them my way. But you know they may never be answered.

  2. Thats kind of creepy about the street lights.

    Enter Twillight Zone music.


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