February 28, 2007

"To Iraq and Back"

Hubby and I watched the Bob Woodruff special on abc last night, To Iraq and Back. To say the least it was eye opening. The trauma that he endured and miraculously recovered from is astonishing. However, it was the truth that he uncovered about the number of soldiers that are returning from the war who have brain injuries or are otherwise maimed that moved me the most. According to his report, the US government has issued a gag order for journalists about this very subject. They do not want the US people to know the staggering numbers of soldiers who are returning with these injuries. He also shed light on the fact that many of these soldiers will face substandard care from their local VA hospitals once they return to their homes. The hospitals are simply not equipped or staffed appropriately to deal with the brain injuries that these soldiers have. I just sat in awe as I watched this. How can our government continue to send our sons and brothers to fight in a war that has gone on far too long and then not provide them with adequate care should they be lucky enough to return? How infuriating! To read more about the projects that Mr. Woodruff is affiliated with click on the pictures below.

And, in honor of my own brother who is in his 25th year of serving our country in the USAF, read this post.

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