March 1, 2007

What are the people at Mattel thinking?

This morning while watching Spongebob Squarepants with Tater Tot, we saw a commercial for the above item. After it was over he looked at me and said, "Why would a girl want THAT?" Good question! Here are a few of it's features:

  • Tanner (the dog) is soft and fuzzy and her mouth, ears, head and tail really move
  • You can open Tanner's mouth and feed her dog biscuits
  • Comes with dog bone and chew toy that Tanner can hold in her mouth
  • When Tanner has to go to the bathroom Barbie cleans up with the magnetic scooper

Okay, now read that last "feature" again. Yes, Barbie can lift his tail and clean up after him with the included magnetic scooper! What little girl is going to want to do that? I mean when I was six years old I always thought to myself.....I've got Barbie, Ken, the dream house, pool, corvette...they're just not enough. I want a pooping puppy! What were the people at Mattel thinking? They're nuts!


  1. I agree that the poop scooper was a bit far fetched, but at least Mattel is teaching pet responsiblity. We are required here in Houston, even the burbs, to clean up after your dog, but no one in our neighborhood does it except for my morally correct husband. In fact, since we live in a culdesac at the end, most people let their dogs loose, send them up this way and let them do their business. My husband is forever stepping in poop when he mows and we dont' let the kids play in the front yard because of all the land mines.

    I, personally, wouldn't buy that Barbie because, GROSS, pooping dog, but my neice who will be four next week is such a complete crack up she would think that was the funniest thing ever. She likes her poop jokes.

  2. Hi Shane-

    Believe it or not, my daughter, who is 4 wanted that. It think she thought because it goes #2, it was like a real dog. LOL!


    P.S. We didn't get it for her.

  3. Wow! That's interesting - a Barbie that cleans up poop.

    Anyways. . . great site! Susie did a wonderful job on your blog. I found you via her website.

    I'm from South Carolina too!
    Hope you are safe during the storms tonight and tomorrow!


  4. NO kidding!!!!

    Happy Blog Party to you! :)


  5. Those little pieces of dog poop and biscuits would more likely be picked up by my vacumn than the magnetic scooper!

  6. ROFL! That is the craziest thing ever!

    Happy blog party week!


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